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hey its angelina the taco eating koala! [22 Oct 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | hyper ]

i haven't updated in yonks! The main reason behind the absence of angelina's journal postings is basic, she's too bloody lazy! But not today kids...

So i'm on holidays now, i'm loving it! Went and saw pat's uncles play at the storeroom, saw lara scardili from a.m.i working at the supermarket, she's cool. Pat, Ryder, becki (who invited herself) and i went out for a few drinks to laundry afterwords. They had Karaoke night, i wasn't going to go up. I knew i would make a fool out of myself, i knew i wouldn't have been able to keep up with the words on the screen, i knew that i was going to slaughter Vanessa Amerossi's absolutely everybody and HOW VERY RIGHT I WAS! But i had the best time in my life yelling and screaming into the mic and going spastic...fuck the only thing i sort of regret is yelling out "i love mark holden"! cos no one got it! fuck twas a fucken tough crowd. But hey patty won some random competition so that was cool. so it was just rad, seb and i, i was so trashed and tired i wanted to go home. But we were waiting for seb to be called up (he was never called up heheh). Then i went to the toilets and was there for a relatively short time. When i got out i realised the fuckers had bailed on me, they were nowhere to be seen. I called ryder and he said that they waited ages for me and decided to go get kebabs, ha thats nice (hint of sarcasm now present). But all is cool cos i met up with them and then Ryder caught me a cab...SO to sum up it was a grand night with the gang gang.

Going to next tonight for yanni's and marks birthday, so good times shall roll on...

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i feel fine, i feel good, i feel i like i never should... [09 Sep 2005|12:50am]
[ mood | awake ]

My hands are frozen
Must work on monologue
Veronica threw up on me(yum)
I am reading a brilliant book
Myspace is addictive and confusing
The community theatre is running as planned
The body will not allow me to fall asleep before 12am

Some random photos i have for you lj folks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Stencil daiana made for my 18th

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
stylish dudes from interpol

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fuck life is truly pain! [06 Aug 2005|09:59am]
[ mood | cynical ]

...And so this pattern continues and i fall deeper into this dark hole, feeling trapPed is almost normal. Will i ever be rescued from this fucken agony? Yes indeed it is a bloody 'vicious cycle' and pessimism seems to be the fuel on which it runs...Is it me? do i need to change? Yes that's it i must face reality and tell myself to get over it? No! fuck that why should i? Its them who should re-assess the affects of their irresponsible actions! Or is it just me being stupid and comparing my life against others? FUCK! My mind is clouded with resent and regret...help!

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oh god [21 Jul 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Its holidays now but its not official until i hand in my work and have my interview on Thursdaay. However when thats over with i can finally relax, sit back and get a grip on my life so i know where its going. oh i never thought the shows were ever going to arrive, then i never thought that they'd ever conclude but hahaha i was obviously derranged. i loved the production, rehearsal, bump in and performing period don't get me wrong this is my passion i enjoy this thoroughly. But the thing that gets to me is the tude i have to put up with, peoples moods change like the wind and thats fucks with my brains. This combined with family and personal issues brings the emo angelina out and i hate that...oh "wa evaa"..."fuck that shit, life is pain" oh lordy. All i'm gonna say is i'm not taking these holidays for granted! peace out!

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oh my fucking god its 3 days till my birthday!!!!! [02 Jul 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I can't believe that my birthday is just around the corner, i thought that it would never arrive. Well i guess i was wrong. Haha so you ho's are all invited to party at the cherry bar (and other random venues)next saturday evening (the 11th of June) with moi... So bring your sexy asses along and come and boogie angie style...wa evaa thats suposed to mean hahaha... so hope to see you all there love ya.


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yeah true dat [16 Jun 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | busy ]

                                     "LIFE IS PAIN"!

Oh how i wish, how i wish...why is it that we always waste time wishing for things we don't have rather than appreaciating what we do have?

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give me a forest and some good music on an i-pod! [06 Jun 2005|10:10am]
[ mood | depressed ]

I cannot present you with a comparason or example of this incredible pain i am experincing atm...no physical hurt can out do the pain of the soul and the heart...No matter what i do, or what others close to me say or do, these pessimistic thoughts and emotions continue to linger in my mind. There are many negetive "what if's" and well i am empty. My heart was once filled with hope that things would one day be fine between them and well all of us, but now all i can think about is running away to somewhere far...i need fresh air...i need life...maybe to the forest the fresh, cold and vital forest will cure this pain! Now...mmmm...where can i find me a forest? Lets hope that the good taco rollers aka kings of leons will cheer me up! ha ha ha.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

One month till my not very anticipated 18th.

i am feelin really sick in my tum tum tummmy! i think i have food poisoning! damn the fish!!!

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without love we are dead [17 May 2005|04:51pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

i say why why why do they fail?
fail to pursue the heart's desires...
fuck superficiality is what they all should say
or,if thats what he the heart truly craves you yourself will not be satisfied.
do not adhere to what i speak and...
and well i hope u realise you will pay
oh well i say,
she says i hope your ready for that day to arrive...
what day? they cry with ignorance
oh the day that you will pay the price...
your standing on the path which has the heart awaiting a bleak life...
Is that what your soul trully craves?
love will cure everthing
My fellows have no fear if your heart is entwind with it's bestest friend...
It's Cravings it should not be deprived.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i am so glad that i listened to my heart- without theatre i would be empty...oh la la i fell like singing and playing the gutair (oh how great that would be if i was able to).

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[14 May 2005|02:22pm]
[ mood | crazy and cold ]

Ok listen to this. I have been feeling really lazy and de motivated (if theres such a term) lately. And now i feel that i am behind with all my work. However everyone around me seems to be saying the opposite. Like the other day i got a comment on how i always go that extra mile with my work and am obssessed with getting background info and such. i felt that my mask piece and the folio was a total failure however i'm getting praises from the co-ordinator and my peers on the amount and content...fuck i'm not complaining i"m just fucken confuesd- should i feel satisfied with the way i'm working or not? Tafe annoys me becuase it's either too layed back (in class) or very stressful. Why can't we find an even balance. whatever!

I have to finish my second draft of my script and its so fucked it is all over the place!

i'm gonna bye hot hot heats albulm today or the bravery cant decide as yet.

Thanx patty cake for lending me the bright eyes albulms- they make me feel heaps better *smiles*

you guys not long till i'll be able to get in to cherry bar lol but hey i'm finding it easier to get into certain places now so thats cool ( i want to go out a get pissed just coz life sux and being sober doesn"t help- lol nah i'm not an alchi).

oh yeah i am so excited about working at La mama all saturdaty night and sunday morning (11pm till wee hours of the mourning) bumping out a show even though i'm not getting paid shhhhhh ok. Seeing a show at La mama called Billie- tonight so its gonna be my first time there- what an exciting experience!.

ok love ya peoples i must do my work now!.
I might be seeing Akmal (comedian on frday) he is sooo funny).

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should i 'grow up' [06 May 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | hypo and happy ]

Really don't have nothing to say so i'll put another pic of kate moss up- obsessed!
oh actually im kinda happy coz, ok this sounds so childish, i spoke and had a mini convo with this dude i have a crush on... owww ahhhh ha ha ha ha such a geek! i wonm't say anymore just out of the fear of being mocked. Anyways he's sooooo nice *blushing*

i heard bloc party are comin soon- i am soo there,i'll shaking my behind (ow naughty you) lol

bye bye

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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take it as it comes! [03 May 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

so i had holidays this week and with it came many plans that were both work and leisure related. However life and procrastination took over and ruined (i won't say everything) most of the plans. That is why from this day forward i will no longer take part in the activity of planning or organising anything that is to take place within a weeks time. I will plan as i go along and not try to predict the future- its too dangerous and is both emotionally and mentally exhausting (esp when you have failed). i have come to the conclusion that it just isn't suited for my unpredictable lifestyle and personality- which may i add has gotten me confuesed (i am always on the fence and not on either side of it which sends me on a spiral of confusion).

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i want to go to britan [30 Apr 2005|09:32pm]
My current obsessions:

>Everthing and anything english!!
-the bands, the culture, the lifestyle, the fashion, the stars, the theatre. the architechture, the food and well u get my the drift...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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go team uden mehico [26 Apr 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | determined ]

i have diet fever now... i realised that its alomost 2 months till my birthday and well i want to lose some tuised (fat) so i can look hot and get a guy. i'm pretty happy at the mo but i will be happier. ha ha ha we had theatre sports the other day and it was so fucken helerious with the gags we did based on jews and mexicans (finally we are one lol). There are a few people that we (the class) have established as strange and annoying and therefore outcasts(i know this is mean and juvenille but oh well you'd do the same). the other day waz sooo funny with Ryder craking it at claire.
Claire: Oh DARLING thats not the right way..."
Ryder: Don't FUCKEN call me darling you bitch!!" lol the highlight of the week!

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[17 Apr 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | not drunk ]

ok so i'm kinda behind, no stress coz everyone else is at the same place with their work ( work= the mask performance and scripts)...however we all just discoverd that its going to get crazy in a couple of weeks with bumping in the stage and lighting stuff into the hall and rehearsals which will be running from 9am - 10pm- CRAZY!!! how the hell am i gonna catch public transport at such an insane hour? scared of the hobo man and the crazy dude who i think, no, i know will harrass me. Fuck i'm delerious. i think its the too much sleep i got yesterday. fuck that doesn't make sense i should just shut up. Anyway my night tonight will consist of watching videos on mime, acting and mask performing and NOT GETTING PISSED FOR ST PATTY'S DAY!*tears* (coz i need to stay in my mums good books so i can go out tomoz!)

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it sux [07 Apr 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | lonley ]

i didn't get to work at the grand prix so in a way i'm fucked coz i can't afford my levis and in another way i was stoked i didn't have to serve rev heads!

i so fucked my script up and my draft is due next week... am contemplating to starting from scratch with a new story line mmmmm...

i can't stand being 17 it is so fucked up ( sorry ppl u will get sick of me saying that).

i feel fat- i am so depressed. maybe its just the shitty whether? i hate mondays coz there're trackie days and i look ugly. *sob*

on my to do list i have "watch little britain", "go to england", "get a boyfriend" (only coz i'm lonley, "get some more blonde tips in my hair", "pay off my levis"( so i can look hot lol).and lsaty runaway from home...the least of all places i want to be now!

hope to have a smile on my face soon.

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random shit [01 Mar 2005|09:06pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Everything these days seems to be "random"... "yeah i was like at the train station and well yeah this RANDOM stranger came up to me blah blah blah..." or "what the fuck did you say? man that was so RANDOM..." (and so on) people stop it! its anoying, get your own line, i'm even starting to say it. God!

Currently watching a jonny depp doco- watta legend!

i wanna get stella- the perfume, j-lo- miami and t- girl.

i trully recomend you people out der to listen to bloc party and no they don't sound like frnaz, its just a comparson the gernos use to suggest the extent of their capability of achieving music domination in 2005.

oh fuck chester is so fucken annoying ( fucke man y don't you grow up)- chester being a dude who has a crush on me.

update on uni- i finally got an idea for a script...i hope i can be able to articultate it correctlly though ( it focuses on photography as being an escape for the protagonist, who later becomes so involved with the art that she is doomed to be trapped in what becomes an adiction). i currently have 2 crushes he he he such a kiddie lol.

i wanna be 18!!!!! I'm hoping that i have a party that goes off.

doherty is looking fine in this pics with moss...get off the h and easy on the coke!

fuck this heat wave is so irritating!


Take care kids love angie :>

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i'm lovin liberty [21 Feb 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

school sux- uni rulze! i started my course last week and may i add that this week has been such a ball. why are my hands so dry? i think its coz we just did mask making, dunno...but hey things have been exellent. i bought the thrills from jb and well one word can some this purchase up- dissapointment. wasted $18 and i can't return it...i need some ideas on what to write a script about, well actually i have too many ideas and so it makes it more difficult to decide. i'm going to my first eva hip- hop class 2moz, its mainly for fun and exercise so wish me luck. i've got a brain freeze so have nothing to say but talk to ya soon. smiles. :>

ps. i'm lovin the library lol such a 'geek'.

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i want a routine! [20 Jan 2005|04:27pm]
[ mood | regret ]

well i will begin be anouncing to the ppl who know me and who have liked to get in contact wit me- don't bother- my phone ( along with my digital cam and $20) got stolen from my bag. the fucken funny thing is, it happend while i was getting my hair cut. i left my bag next to janet and anyway some junky comes in trying to sell shit to the hairdresser, the hairdresser buzzes her off but she doesn't take no for an answer and sits down. she must have saw my bag on the floor. jan was reading a mag and in about 3 mins she stood up and said that she'd be back 10 min fuck yeah right ha! as soon as she walked out janet realised that my bag was on the floor with the stuff gone... wat really gets me is i am stuck with this shit arse hair cut, i can't get over it, i look like a fucken hobit, i have no fringe bloody hell- i am full of regret! *sob*
lifes full of fucken suprises.
hope u ppl r enjoying ur holidays and getting golden brown tans. if i don't post b4 crissy- have a 'normal' christmas dudes.love angie.

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Boo- ya [13 Jan 2005|06:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well helloo mate hows things going? ha ha. well fine, pretty smooth actually. nothing major or extreamly exciting has occured in my life, however i am proud to declare that life is not a routine (yay- well f...f...f... finally finnally! he he he). i am poor, and well wat can i say but "OH FUCKIN WELL- no really hire me someone pleeeeeeeeze A.S.A.P!!!!!"

i got into both of the courses that i applied for ( well wat do ya know dude, u are capable of persuading ppl with ur shit talkin- nah jast kidding) anyways obiviosly i'm a gonna go 4 swini @ prahan yay ma first prefrence!
all i gotta say is no more school bags and socks is gonna be fucken ausome!

trying to think of other shit...mmm... oh yeah ma results ha ha ha- whatever! (gosh seriously did not bad- that is not bad- but not fuckin good)suprised with english fuck, very suprised did pretty good (yay)

so anyone who who wants to catch up give me a call when u have time coz i'm addicted to visiting cafe's ( i should actually stop coz i'm becoming emmune to the effects of caffene and my body is requiring more and more just to get a good fix- lol, but who cares its da best shit in the world- thanks god. i say call me coz i have no credit and prob won't have any till next yr. so to the rich fuckers with credit- i hate u lol. love ya guys kiss kiss.

here's a site that will get u excited > the hootties from the movie -y tu
mama tumbien

well soz dudes can't put the pic up coz my photobucket albulm shit thing won't open, really sorry u couldn't lay ur eyes on Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna oh well dats life... catch ya. tittle : )

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man its hot [30 Dec 2004|02:55am]
[ mood | lazy ]

tittle is sooooo lazy latley. man i'm so sore from swimming and doing yoga my muscles are fucken killing me it feels like i've been beaten up or somfing. anyways i had my interviews and only 2 to go. i am pleased to say that the interviews went really well-thanx to my folio ( i love u foilo) i even sleep with it, i keep it uner my pilow lol nah- but seriously i am so tired and i don't know why. i have drama at deakin 2moz but forgot to type up my pre selection kit biography- please lord i hope i can re scheduele coz i am just not up for a day of acting activities during a fucken hot day- not in for the perspiation and the b.o ( me and other ppl)

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